Haas Residential: Decorative Glass


  • 3 Decorative Designs
  • 6 Insulated Glass Combinations
  • 3 Non-Insulated Glass Options
  • Opacity levels range from Clear to Moderately Opaque
  • Available for Carriage House, Ranch & Standard Series Windows
  • Insulated Tempered Glass on 5000, 2000, 700 & 600 Series
  • 1/8" Tempered on 2400 & 2500 Series
  • Tempered Safety Glass Standard

The largest detail on the home exterior, and often the first item someone sees as they approach your home, is the garage door. Haas Door's Decorative Glass Collection will ensure your home's first impression is a memorable one.

Remodeling the garage door or adding a new eye catching door to a construction project is a perfect avenue to increase curb appeal, and it is an improvement that pays for itself almost immediately. The 2016 Cost Versus Value Study by Remodeling magazine supports the impact the garage door can have on the value of a home. According to the study, a garage door replacement offers the third highest return on investment for a homeowner of a mid-range priced home.* At a projected 91.5% cost recouped. Pair this with the quality, durability, and low maintenance of a Haas Door garage door, and you'll have lasting beauty that adds value to your home.

Models Series Availability

Haas Door decorative glass isn't just beautiful - our products provide the performance and durability you expect. The decorative glass panels are available in tempered insulated and tempered non-insulated glass to meet the safety and insulation properties required for your climate conditions.

With on-trend glass designs that can accentuate any home style, paired with beautiful wood grain finishes or any of our solid colors, the garage door becomes a focal point to enhance curb appeal and the value of your home. The different glass options paired with the range of availability in our garage door series, provide a good, better, best option that can fit any budget. Additionally, the panel selection paired with multiple finish options and window designs in specialty glass allow you to create a truly unique look, with a personal touch.

Let Haas Door help you tell an incredible story, without saying a word.

Create the perfect garage door for your home in just a few steps, with the HaasCreate Visualizer. Simply upload a photo of your home, and outline the location of your existing garage door. HaasCreate will help you create your new garage door, with every option in Haas’ collection at your fingertips!

Design Options

Modern Craft



Unique Touch

Haas Door's Decorative Glass category has a little something for everyone. Coordinate the glass design to the architectural look of your home, accent a detail in the facade, match an entrance door style, or choose to add a unique touch to the aesthetic by including a glass design.

Haas Door has created refreshed designs to match existing home styles and new construction homes. We’ve tested the designs to provide three options that will match the broadest array of current home trends from Farmhouse to Colonial and fit within regional differences - Modern Craft, Emerald, and Prairieview. Each design in the collection captures a different architectural style but in a refreshed, contemporary approach.

Practical Beauty

The decorative glass category is offered in tempered glass only. If the glass were to break, it wouldn’t shatter into shards but would break into small pebbles drastically reducing the danger of injury.

Glass Options

Insulated Glass Options







Non-Insulated Glass Options




Modern Craft, Emerald, and Prairieview may be combined across six specialty glass types to offer varying degrees of privacy. The collection uses different levels of opacity and combination of obscure glass styles to provide the look you prefer with the privacy level you choose. From Clear/Clear to Rain/Frost, or any combination in between.